Storage Fees

Pursuant to section 8 of our Conditions of Sale, we request that successful buyers collect their property within two business days following the sale. Should the property remain on our premises for more than 31 days following a sale, it will be transferred to an independent warehouse on the buyer's behalf.

Yorkville Van and Storage has agreed to provide this service to our clients. The following charges per item will apply for all uncollected items sent there:


Transportation, Handling and Administration $30 $60

Wrapping and Packing

(Yorkville Van and Storage will wrap and/or pack any item stored on its premises. This is not an optional service. It is done automatically to protect the client's property.)


(Oversize items may be subject to additional wrapping fees at an additional cost of $6 per pad.)
Storage per day $3 $6
Sales Tax Current NY State sales tax on the above charges Current NY State sales tax on the above charges
Insurance $1.50 per each $1,000 of coverage per month $1.50 per each $1,000 of coverage per month



Transfer to Yorkville Van and Storage of uncollected purchases past the 31 day grace period will constitute delivery of the property to the buyer in New York State. As a result, the buyer will be liable to pay New York State sales tax if not tax-exempt.

The above charges are payable to Yorkville Van and Storage and therefore cannot be waived by Doyle New York. We encourage all buyers to collect purchased property within two business days following the sale.

In order to collect property from Yorkville Van and Storage, the buyer must present a copy of the paid invoice bearing a Yorkville warehouse release stamp. This warehouse release stamp can only be obtained from the cashier at Doyle New York's main reception desk located at 175 East 87th Street in Manhattan.