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Enjoy the vibrant world of furniture and decorative arts at the popular Doyle at Home auctions, held throughout the year. This highly anticipated event attracts a diverse array of savvy and sophisticated buyers, all seeking a treasure trove of stylish furniture, elegant decorations, and attractive works of art sourced from prominent estates and collections nationwide.

Designers, architects, magazine editors, and trend-setters alike look to Doyle at Home auctions as a unique resource for exceptional objects that seamlessly blend quality, value, and style. These auctions have also become become a go-to destination for designers to showcase and sell pieces from their own personal collections, as well as furnishings they have incorporated into projects for their discerning clients. Doyle at Home auctions offer a truly unique opportunity to recreate the stylish interiors showcased in the most influential shelter magazines of our time.

Uncover one of New York's most esteemed design resources at Doyle at Home and embark on a journey of design inspiration that will leave a lasting impression on your space and your style.



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Reid Dunavant

Senior Vice President / Director, DC/Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisory


Samira Farmer

Vice President / Business Manager, DC/Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisory


Collin Albertsson

Senior Vice President / Director, Florida Operations