Private Sales

Doyle’s worldwide database of buyers and sellers allows us to quickly and discreetly facilitate private sales across a wide range of collecting categories.

Private Sales at Doyle provide the opportunity to buy and sell works of art and objects throughout the year, independent of the auction calendar. Doyle is pleased to offer this service across all categories, from fine and decorative arts to jewelry, watches and silver. Unlike buying and selling at auction, private sale prices are fixed, mutually agreed upon and executed with total confidentiality.

Our team of renowned Specialists and Regional Advisors assist buyers and consignors in seamlessly and discreetly brokering a sale, whether they seek a specific piece or wish to make space in their collection for new additions. Doyle’s decades of expertise provide a vast network through which our Specialists can source, sell, advise, research and negotiate at a pace that suits the client and the piece in question. We invite you to contact our team to learn more about bespoke buying and selling opportunities.